The Ultimate Reading Experience

MotorWerks Magazine is based in Oakville, ON, a suburb of Toronto. In addition to Ian Rae the editor, the magazine has a West Coast Editor, Norman Nelson, Mid-West Editor, David Lewis and East Coast Editor Craig Nelson.

It is an online print style digital magazine focusing on the BMW and MINI lifestyle. Featuring cars, events, people and racing from all over the world, MotorWerks Magazine is your source for the online BMW and MINI experience. Featuring full color double page spreads and Flip-page technology for that rich viewing experience. We run articles by people like noted racer and driver coach Ross Bentley, Henry Neal, son of former BTCC Champion Matt Neal, MINI JCW team's James Vance and two-time UK MINI Challenge Champion Chris Knox.

Why BMWs and MINIs?

Unlike the UK where there are multiple print magazines dedicated to each brand North America has only one of each. This told us there was a market for a good digital magazine covering the brands. MotorWerks Magazine was the result and because of the Worldwide coverage and accessibility of the Internet it is being read all over the World. All we can say is enjoy!


Ian Rae - Editor and Publisher

The driving force behind MotorWerks Magazine is Ian Rae. Born in the North of Scotland, Ian has been involved with racing for most of his life. That love of racing and cars led him to getting involved  with RPM Magazine and under the tutelage of Chris Biro he learned the ins and outs of magazine production. It was a purchase of his first BMW that led to MWM being created and with like minded people on board he has turned it into the World's premier digital magazine focusing on BMWs and MINIs.