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At Powerbrake we have one clear objective. To design, manufacture and deliver high-performance and race brake components that offer exceptional performance and durability at a fair price. There are certainly cheaper products out there (as well as many far more expensive ones) but at Powerbrake you will find championship winning products that are extremely well engineered, manufactured to the highest standards, that have been proven in the toughest motor sport events on the planet - all at surprisingly competitive prices. This is made possible through significant investment in state of the art CAD, FEA and CAM software as well as cutting edge 5-axis CNC production equipment that results in design and production efficiency that gets passed on to our customers and ultimately translates into competitive product pricing.

When you invest in a Powerbrake upgrade product or race brake system, you are investing in engineering that has won GT Challenge Championships, A-Class Production Car Championships, National Rally Championships, two FIA Cross Country Championships and finished on the podium at the infamous Dakar Rally six times in the past seven years.

Our brake systems and components are not intended as a cosmetic enhancement. They are designed from the ground up to improve the braking performance of your vehicle. The Powerbrake brand is fast earning a reputation around the world for offering unbeatable performance and durability for the money invested.



The features, performance, durability and cost of our products are comparable to any competitive product on the world market where you will see the POWERBRAKE philosophy shining through.

When it comes to professional racing, brake systems are pushed their absolute limits. It is under these testing conditions that Powerbrake’s products have been proven to outperform and outlast far more expensive competitive products, time and time again. With numerous race teams around the world specifying our brake kits, Powerbrake race brake systems have been used to win a numerous race championships over the past decade. Experienced race teams know that races are very often won or lost under braking. As a company Powerbrake works closely with leading race teams to develop and test cutting-edge products that give race car drivers the edge in terms of brake performance, consistency and durability.



When it comes to brake upgrades for street, track day or off-road use, there are a number of companies selling cosmetically enhanced brake products and ‘snake oil’. As a company Powerbrake has a strict policy of ‘form follows function’. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing products that upgrade your brake performance and last. We take issue with companies that are willing to drill some holes in any aftermarket brake disc that they can lay their hands on or paint any caliper red and then call it a “high-performance or race brake product”. The fact that a brake disc has holes drilled into it or that a brake caliper is painted red, does not mean that it is a well engineered piece of equipment.

At Powerbrake we don’t believe in ‘dressing up’ our products or exaggerating their capabilities. We strive to provide our customers with sound advice and offer straightforward opinions based on our extensive research and experience. In short, you can trust us to give you and honest opinion. If, after discussing your application, we feel that one of our brake systems or products will work for you, we will make the appropriate recommendation. On the other hand, if we do not believe that any of our products is suitable for your application, we will say so. In the same spirit, we have tried to provide the necessary information, in our website, to educate consumers so that they can make informed decisions as to which brake products best suit their vehicle, application or driving style. There is plenty of myth, and a fair amount of fiction, floating around when it comes to brake upgrades. You can rely on us to separate the fact from the fiction and tell it like it is.



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